Adventure continues, Lacoste

Weekend 1 March 28th-30th 2014

Hello, so Dana and I are officially with our own kind, all students are age, and we are in a small town in southern france called Lacoste. What an experience. We had a wonderful time in our budget hotel, we literally laid in bed for hours because we had a 6:45 am flight to Marseille so we had to get up around 3:30 am to make it to the flight. Getting to the airport was a breeze and we walk in to the burger king and all of our friends are at the meeting point. Swiftly we are taken to Lacoste. Lacoste is beautiful and SO HILLY. Everyone is going to come back with buns of steel, no lie. So like all of my posts I like to let my reader gain some knowledge, Lacoste is in southern france in the region of Provence-Alpes Cote d’Azur region. It’s a old mountain village overlooking the village of Bonnieux and the Grand Luberon Mountains to the east and the mountain Mont Ventoux. The oldest building in the little town is called Maison Forte, which dates back to the 9th century and the place we just visited today for a picnic Pont Julien remains one of the oldest standing examples of working Roman architecture as a bridge from 1st century BC. Getting to picnic there was a dream, the weather is still pretty chilly and very windy, but it beats being there during winter and you can feel the sun warm up your skin during the day. Back to the history, the town is medieval village. The ruins on top of the chateau on the top of the village date back to the 16-17th centuries, yet the walls go back to the 12th century. The Chateau-de-sade which has a sinister history is being renovated and that’s the area where I will be attending a bonfire tonight. Look up the Marquis de Sade, I’m not going to until I leave lacoste because I heard it’s not good history. So that’s some history, it’s adorable, tiny, hilly, full of cobblestones, the wifi is shifty because of the limestone walls, and utterly beautiful. I live in Murier upper and our dorms are part of the village and the mountain. There are five of us in Murier upper, I came into the dorms not knowing my roommates and it’s worked out great and a lot fun getting to know different people. We all had our orientation today and then relaxed for dinner because later that night we had a big bonfire/party in the old quarry that is straight up the mountain and then some.

Inside of the massive quarry ( and if you don’t know what a quarry is it’s a place where they got the rocks to make the village) it was surreal because how clean and smooth they cut the rock, along with the graffiti inside of the cave and the amount of students just hanging out. Someone set up a speaker on the side of the rock quarry and it was a party. The next morning we had our brunch with all the students in the upper village, and then decided to take a hike all the way to Bonnieux which is about an hour hike and then some all the way up like lacoste is on top of the mountain. Well worth the hike and the view, for we were able to wander through fields of wine orchards, cross streams, see the cherry trees and gain a sense of adventure. In Bonnieux it’s a littler bigger than Lacoste we made it all the way to the top with the old church into the foret de cedres (cedar forest) and the eglise neuve which is considered new because it was built in 1870. We were thinking of taking the spine trail all the way around and back to Lacoste but decided to save for another day, found a cafe had some good ice cream, and the owner helped me with my french. We were walking down when we wandered into a cafe and found a very nice couple from the UK, we chatted for a bit, and then they bought us two bottles of nice expensive red wine, which we will drink later tonight. It was such a wonderful and gracious gift that the group was all speechless. With our bags full of nice red wine we trekked back and up to Lacoste for a 5 hour hike, not to bad. That’s all for now.\\ pictures are coming soon, the wifi blows so it’s taken an hour to not upload anything


Votre Sante!

Au Revoir Amanda


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  1. Wow! These pictures are unreal!! Thanks as always for the info and history. I hope your first week of classes was great.

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